Vosa Style Emporium is my online store and virtual closet. That's right - sometimes when I'm feeling blue or I need a pick-me-up I will take a look at all the pretty things I have in my closet or here. It gives me a sense of zen and serenity.

I am an avid fashion enthusiast loving all things related to fashion. I have an extensive background in textiles and sew feverishly. I shop for and hand-pick all items I sell, so at times it is difficult for me to let my treasures go. I'm sure a fashionista like you can understand how hard it is! When not shopping, sewing, or dreaming up more things to sew, I love to cook and write.

I also have my own in-house jeweler – my dad! He is a goldsmith and jeweler by trade, with over 45 years' experience in the industry. In his younger years, he owned and operated a custom jewelry business in South East Asia. Upon arriving in the west, he worked as a diamond setter for a well renowned company. Now semi-retired, he passes his time creating beautiful jewelry.